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7 ways to secure Fiverr account | Fiverr sellers

The untold secrets to secure fiverr account in no time

As Fiverr is the largest digital marketplace with the number of its users increasing day by day. Securing it’s users accounts and privacy is the first priority for Fiverr and it cares about its customer’s important details. Taking security measures can help you save your hard earned income to be stolen away from you, as these steps add protective layers to your account. So, here we share some untold security decisions that will help you secure Fiverr account in no time.

1) Log out when not active

One security measure fiverr is missing is an auto-expiration of login. i.e. you could be inactive for a day, refresh the page and still logged in. Ideally, it should destroy your session and ask you to log in again. This can pay you costly in a case when you lose your laptop with your Fiverr account logged in, unfortunately.

To avoid this:

  • You should log out your Fiverr account whenever going inactive.
  • Alter browser settings to not store cookies and to destroy sessions on browser close.

That way you will not constantly be logged in and your Fiverr account will stay secured.

2)  Use Security Questions

Using security questions to your account is an important feature. It adds some lovely icing on the cake when you’re worried about how to secure a Fiverr account? These security questions will assist you in saving withdraws to be stolen away and also while you attempt to reset the password. Consider using them.

secure fiverr account fiverr security questions how to use fiverr security questions

How to add Security Questions?

Once logged in, click your profile picture from the right-top corner. Hit “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

Step – 1) Click “Security” from the left-sidebar.

Step – 2) From “Set Security Questions” cell, select the question of which the answer is easy for you to memorize from the “Please Select a Question” field.

Step – 3) Set the answer to the question and finally click the “Submit” button.

Important Note:

  • In case you forget the answer to the security questions, you need to contact the customer support for your account verification.

3) Stay away from Phishing

secure fiverr account by avoiding phishing

As we all know, digital marketing is growing rapidly day by day and doesn’t seem to be slowing down. With the advancement in the industry itself, there are also a number of malicious activities taking place around the area. Phishing is one of those abusive activities. The phishing messages are generated to steal the user’s credentials (personal information, credit card information etc.) for an illegal purpose. These messages might look interactive but in return grant hackers to access your important pieces of information.

How phishing messages look attractive?

These are some attractive subjects the abusive people use to enhance user’s attractivity:

  •  Email messages insisting that you’ve won a prize, special discount and follow the link to log in.
  • Messages showing that your accounts details are hacked and follow the link in order to recover them.

How to avoid Phishing?

  • Don’t ever insert any details other than your login credentials i.e. username and password, on Fiverr login page.
  • Always be proactive when a link takes to another page.
  • Look at the validity of the address by hovering over the link.

4) Use Phone Verification

Using phone verification is the standard method to test the user’s credibility. Before publishing your first Gig Fiverr asks you to verify your phone. And if you’re an existing Fiverr seller you will be prompted to verify the phone.

How to verify phone?

Step – 1) Once logged in, you will be asked to verify phone in the banner at the top of the page, click “Verify Now”.

Step – 2) After reading the information carefully about verification, click “Verify Now”. (Based on your IP address country is selected automatically).

Step – 3) Enter your phone number and chose whether to verify by SMS or voice call.

Step – 4) Enter the code and finally click “Done”.

Important Notes:

  • Fiver keeps your phone number absolutely private.
  • It’s compulsory to verify your phone to become a New Seller. However, if you’re an existing seller then you can verify your phone within 30 days.
  • You can change your phone number in the profile settings any time.
  • You can use the Landline Phone number for verification (if you don’t have a mobile phone).

5) Keep Resetting your Password/ Use a strong password

It’s always recommended that you use a strong password and keep changing your password frequently (i.e. after a month or so). One big mistake most people commit is that they use the short password and use the same password on different sites. This maximizes the security threats as it allows to unlock your password easily. So, its always recommended that you keep resetting your Fiverr password in order to ensure secure Fiverr account.

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How to Reset Password?

Step – 1) Once logged in, click the profile picture and select “Settings” in the drop-down menu.

Step – 2) Click “Security” in the left-side-bar.

Step – 3) In the “Change Password” section enter your current password in the “Current Password” field and the new password in the “New Password” field.

Step – 4) Confirm your new Password and finally click “Save Changes”.

Tips towards Strong Password:

  • Make sure your password is at least 8 characters long with one number and one uppercase letter at least.
  • Must not contain your real name, username, relatives name.
  • Doesn’t contain a complete word and is completely different from the previous ones.

6) Don’t use external payment methods

Keep in mind that using payment methods other than defined by Fiverr is strictly against its TOS. Whenever you receive or pay your funds, make sure its done through Fiverr. This platform guarantees no violation to your credit card. But if you use external methods, Fiverr doesn’t take responsibility for any miss happening. Remember that nobody deserves your earnings other than you. So, prevent it from abusive people to ensure a secure Fiverr account.

7) Use Phone Verification Calls

In the process to secure Fiverr account, Fiverr has started an amazing phone call verification feature to instantly inform the user (buyer or seller) by the recently made changes to their accounts. When you make a change in your account settings (changing password, for example), a verification call will be generated by Fiverr to your mobile number informing the recently made changes. This might help you keep your withdraws and important details in check and ultimately securing your account.

Happy Selling!


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