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8 Tips to avoid Order Cancellation and Bad Reviews on Fiverr

Order cancellation and the bad reviews might disappoint you in multiple ways. Whenever a buyer cancels an order or leaves you with bad reviews it not only affect your selling but also your spirit towards the cause. They can make you feel frustrated and confused. Sometimes, you may impulsively decide to message the buyer for leaving a positive review or report it to Fiverr customer support. This can make things even worst.

How Can We Fix This?

What if you don’t face order cancellation and the bad reviews? What if we learn some basics to root up this debate? Here we go with some tips that will help you minimize the order cancellations and the bad reviews.

1) Get Down to Basics

It’s important that you understand the importance of basics that help you create concise, understandable and to the point Gigs. For example, “I will write 500 words article”. Considering simple and basic stuff in your services helps the buyer to avoid any confusions that minimize the chances of disputes and the negative reviews.

  • Make a simple title that explains what you’re offering.
  • Never leave the buyers with complexities or confusions in the Gig description. Make sure the Gigs are optimized to perfection.
  • Realize outside factors while setting up the deadlines. This will help you prevent late deliveries.
  • Analyze your competitors.
  • Use the video or images simply describing your services.
  • Hire a mentor to help you guide selling in a precise manner on Fiverr.

2) Be Clear

Keep the Gigs simple, clear and explanatory. It doesn’t mean that you leave the Gig in dumb, but, the point here is to take all those steps that make the buyer easier to conceptualize your services. You know exactly what you’re offering; however, the buyer might take it totally different.

For example, you are offering an SEO optimized article with keyword research, internal links, external links etc. Again it makes 100% understandings to you, but what about your buyer? He might think that you also provide competitor analysis in this service. But you don’t!

Tha’t why it’s advised to use simple wording, formatting and the straight-forward explanations to avoid the order cancellations and the bad reviews.

3) Honesty is the Best Policy!

Be honest with your skills. some people attempt to create Gigs in which other sellers have earned a lot. Remember, choosing the route for it looks easy and enchanting, is a foolish deed indeed. That’s why it’s asked to find your area of work in which are skilled at. You might accept the orders you think you can’t do, which results in three stars ratings the unhappy buyer.

In order to earn a repute on this platform, one needs to create Gigs on a niche in which he is well organized. There are infinite areas of work on Fiverr. Sometimes the Gigs you think the people may unlike, rates you on top of the rankings.

4) Never Presume

You may have read the saying, “Assumptions are quick exists for lazy minds who like to graze out in the field without bothering themselves”. There is something in there. Never assume the buyer will not get angry on your late deliveries. Never think the buyer will award you with 5 stars ratings even when you offer low-quality stuff. All these assumptions can make your plan with narrow-holes which compels the buyer to provide you 3 stars or 2 stars ratings.

5) Never Catch Projects outside your Realm

You don’t always need to say “Yes, I can do it” for all the projects. If you keep visiting Fiverr Forum, you might realize that leaving buyers with the low-quality services increases the chances of order cancellation and of course the bad reviews, just when you think your skills are matching.

For example, you’re a graphics designer. One day, you saw a project for designing a website. You might assume that this task is pretty similar to what is graphics designing and will help you earn $50 in no time. Does it make sense? No, it will be stupid to accept this offer because it’s outside your realm. So, when you find the tasks outside your realm, just say “NO, I can’t do this.” to the buyers.

6) Trust Your Nerves

The buyer places an order with little off discussions, details on the project or some other factors. When you start working on the project, some questions start coming in your mind. You reconnect with the buyer in order to consult on the matter. He explains in a general manner which doesn’t help you. You want to dispute the order but as a Seller, you avoid this and your heart says, “I would not have accepted this offer”. Dear! take it as a sign of silently pulling off from that job. So, working on projects with you’re not satisfied can also lead to order cancellation and the bad reviews.

7) Never Compromise on Quality

You, as a buyer will always look for the most recent performance of the seller you’re going to hire. So, what makes you successful on Fiverr is high-quality services with consistency. Make sure you take every job on the head in order avoid those low-level feedbacks.

8) Deliver Beyond Expectations

Everybody likes something extra out of you. When someone delivers beyond the buyer’s expectations this goes a long way. You’re developing an App, for example, you should include commented description of the code (even it was not included in the package). Who can upset you with bad reviews or canceling an order when you think out of the box to please your buyers? This creates an appealing impression of yourself on him and how dare he can go for order cancellation!

Happy Selling!


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