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4 Proven Tips to optimize Fiverr gig title to perfection

Do you want your Gig rank higher on Fiverr? Optimizing your Fiverr Gig title is the first step towards this cause. This title decides whether a buyer should click on your Gig or not. In this Fiverr Tutorial, we’ll be discussing together the art of optimizing the Gig title to rank on top.

Optimizing Fiverr Gig Title

There are 4 things a seller must consider in his/ her Gig title i.e. URL, comprehensive title, keywords, Capitalization.

1) Using Gig Title to Craft an Optimized URL

The firstly created title is the permanent URL of your Gig. After that, whenever you update the title, it doesn’t alter the URL. So, the URL once created can’t be changed.

Now, using the Gig Title you can generate a buyer-friendly URL. Let’s see how it’s work:

Gig Title Example 1: “I will best data entry”

Assigned URL: “”

As you can see the title doesn’t make sense in terms of grammar and of course logically. But, it gives you a healthy URL which is a keyword in itself in addition to buyer-friendliness.

2) Creating a Wieldy Title

After winning an enchanting URL, now, you can update the Gig title to make it comprehensible.

Gig Title Example 2: “I will do best data entry in 24 hours”

Eventually, you’ve got both the optimized title and the URL. Indirectly, you’ve killed two birds with one stone.

3) Playing with Keywords

Playing with keywords in your Fiverr Gig title, description, tags, images, and videos can give a huge boost in order to expose your Gig to the potential buyers. When you use keywords, make sure, you don’t overuse them to make it look ugly for the buyer. Use in a way that they make a blend with your title.

4) Using Capitalization in Gig Title

Fiverr allows only one word to be completely capitalized in your Gig title. Use this tremendous offer to maximize your Gig attention. This trick is mostly underestimated by most of the freelancers, but, make sure you don’t ignore it. When there is an available opportunity why don’t you use it? Now, let’s see the following picture:

using capital words in fiverr gig title

What you make of the image then? You can clearly see that the Gigs with “COOL”, and “CHRISTMAS” words grab more attention among the other Gigs.

Doing this, our above Gig title might look like:

Gig Title Example 3: “I will do best DATA entry in 24 hours” (You can capitalize “entry” also)

Using these tricks can optimize your Gig and ultimately grab the buyers.

Have more tips to make the Fiverr Gig title look better? Please drop your precious suggestions below!

Happy Selling!


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