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10 Thoughts on how Fiverr Sucks to its Sellers and Buyers?

Why Fiverr sucks to its users? We all know, Fiverr is the home of $5 gigs is the largest digital marketplace for all the freelancers living at any corner of the Globe. You can buy or sell any service from article writing, logo designing, Graphics designing to the web designing, Web Development etc. Besides the traditional stuff, one can also opt for some trendy bunch of services ranging from the funny jokes to the instrumental songs lyrics. Obviously, you can start selling on Fiverr, all it takes to create a handsome profile and let the orders run after you!

When you enter the marketplace with its renowned fame and luster, you may dream of earning hundreds of dollars in a short span of time. But the things look quite revert when you’ve spent some time on the platform. That’s not only because of your fault, it can also be due to the huge crowd of freelancers on that platform which makes the battle a bit tougher, and much more. So, in this Fiverr tutorial, we’re going to explore some reasons and facts on how Fiverr sucks to its users and you should not rely on it at any cost.

5 Reasons Why Fiverr Sucks to the Sellers!

Let’s have a look at the reasons and the ways through which Fiverr sucks to the sellers offering services on Fiverr.

1) A lot of Competition

Fiverr is the largest freelancing platforms which mean it will have a maximum of sellers on it. Unlike Upwork it doesn’t demand a high deal of expertise to start selling on Fiverr. All you need to do is to create a Fiverr account, make your Profile Stand-out and start selling by creating Gigs+ right after that. This fact indicates that any professional either he is highly developed or a starter is allowed to forward his steps towards Fiverr.

Although it’s welcoming for the professional but not so good for the marketplace itself. For example, you have a crockery shop in the market with no other on the same topic. This creates a lot of easiness and a pleasure for you to sell your products. What if the other merchants start building their shops near your market? You better know the effect the sales with the saturation in the service providers. The same case is with Fiverr, with the growing fame of freelancing all the professionals are moving towards this profession and probably on Fiverr. This creates a lot of competition not only for the new sellers to start the earning, but also the existing sellers to retain the entity.

2) Have to Spend 24 Hours on Fiverr

Spending the time on any freelancing platform matters a lot in order earn a handsome revenue. As far as Fiverr is concerned it’s not an exception. The Fiverr Gig Algorithm reveals the factors in which it’s declared that the Gigs got higher positions in the search results whose publishers were Fiverr active users. However its difficult for the freelancer to stay active for 24 hours on the platform. He has to manage a number of jobs like his family, health, personal activities and much more. That’s where Fiverr sucks in managing the time properly.

3) Unwanted Revisions

The sellers can better understand how disgusting are the revisions for them. No doubt, you worked really hard in designing a logo for your client overnight and when you delivered the product, the buyer didn’t like the color combination or even the entire logo. In this case, all you have to do is to follow the buyer’s guidelines and repeat the same hard work over and over until he/ she is satisfied. Also there some people whose target is nothing but nit-picking which results in time wastage both for the Seller and the buyer.

4) Underestimated Services

Fiverr is known as the house of $5 gigs. Selling your services at $5 is very cheap. Most likely the new sellers on Fiverr think they must have to start selling their gigs starting from $5 otherwise they will not be able to earn on Fiverr. It’s a kind of unwanted and unnecessary trend set by the newcomers. That’s also the key factor on how Fiverr sucks to the freelancers.

If you’re selling a service of providing a text file and you are just away from uploading it, then $5 is the equitable price. However, a person offering the technical knowledge like Web development, logo design etc. Then he/ she don’t need to create a $5 Gig.

5) Fiverr Commissions

Yes! also the Fiverr sucks in terms of money. When you sell a $5 Gig, Fiverr deduct $1 from it or 20% of each order budget. Now you’ve to pay the transaction fees to your desired payment methods i.e. Paypal or Payoneer etc. For example, Paypal charges 2.9%/ transaction plus $0.30. Now let’s calculate your earned profit out of the $5 Gig.

$5(Basic Gig Price) – $1(Fiverr Fees) – $0.42 (Paypal Commission) = $3.58

That’s how the Fiverr payment Process works.

6) A Long Wait for the Payments

Even it doesn’t end at the commissions, once the order is completed you’ve to wait for 14 days to withdraw your earnings from Fiverr to your Paypal or Bank account. This wait is uneven for the freelancers i.e. you’ve for the 14 days as a new, level one and the level two seller. Then this wait reduces to just 7 days when you’re upgraded to Top Rated Seller. However, this is not inevitable either. As a human being, you’ve to tackle a number of jobs requiring money. But this rule can’t let him meet those need i.e. emergency situations.

These were the areas where Fiverr sucks to the Sellers offering services. Although these are tough to follow, you’ve to absorb the bitter truth in order to become a successful freelancer on Fiverr.

5 Reasons Why Fiverr Sucks to the Buyers!

Now let’s have a look at how Fiverr sucks to the buyers while buying services on it.

1) Have to Pay More than $5

As a new buyer, you might think that all of your jobs will be done at $5. But it’s not that true in all cases, the trend is now moving from $5 towards the highly paid jobs. You will find $5 gigs very rare nowadays, due to the fact that the buyers might take those gigs as a source of sub-standard services.

Secondly, as a customer, you want to get your job done as soon as possible. But the sellers on Fiverr don’t follow this buyer’s need. Even the task may consume their 10 minutes but they mention to deliver you in a week and ask for the extra payments to get the delivery earlier. That adds more to the buyer’s troubles.

2) The Disputes

Some sellers lead the orders towards the disputes. Let’s say, you decided the 3 days delivery with the seller, but at the peak time you received a message that “You will receive your delivery very soon”. But the seller was unable to deliver on time. You may know that the buyers can request for a revision within 3 days of the final delivery. Otherwise, the order will be delivered. However, in this case, the buyer has the rights to cancel the order. Although your invested money will be back, however, it’s confirmed that Fiverr sucks meeting with such sellers.

3) Inexperienced Sellers

As discussed earlier, Fiverr doesn’t the high deal of expertise and experience to start selling on Fiverr. Hence, it also allows some of those inexperienced guys to enter the market. The result is that they won’t be able to communicate with buyers, and somehow don’t have the quality stuff to offer. This is not only alarming for the buyer but also the Fiverr and the seller himself.

4) Time Wasting Revisions

Some sellers also don’t follow the instructions carefully and it results in the product which wasn’t required by the buyer. Although it is resolvable, however, the wastage of time further adds to how Fiverr sucks to its users.

Any Fiverr Alternative?

Of course, it’s always recommended that you don’t rely on a single source of income. Fiverr is heavily crowded by both the quality and ordinary sellers. Hence it’s difficult for a newcomer to settle himself among the huge crowd. you should try your luck at maximum freelancing platforms and find the one working best for you! Some Fiverr alternatives are:

That’s what we had on How Fiverr sucks to its Sellers and the buyers! Hope this helped you. Please drop your suggestions below in the comment section to add some extra knowledge into the article.

Happy Buying & Selling!


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