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Is it Allowed to Run Multiple Fiverr Accounts with same IP address?

Having Multiple Fiverr accounts is allowed or not?

If you’re an active Fiverr seller and keep visiting its Forum now and then, you might already know that running multiple Fiverr accounts is against Fiverr terms of Services. A responsible and honest seller on Fiverr can’t even think of creating a new account along with the previous account running to his name. But, what if you’re two brothers living under the same roof willing to work for Fiverr? What are the actual reasons that make People create another account? How it hurts Fiverr? and what are the harmful effects of this malicious activities?

That’s why it’s advised that you read the Fiverr TOS carefully and act accordingly on this platform. Anyhow, In this Fiverr Tutorial, we are going to reveal unknown Fiverr secrets on multiple accounts with the same IP address.

Why Freelancers need  Multiple Fiverr Accounts Nowadays?

fiverr secrets on multiple fiverr accounts

There are many reasons freelancers opt for creating a new account. But the point here is, whatever the reason is it can’t cut down Fiverr rules and regulations. That’s the unknown Fiverr secret every freelancer should know.

Reason 1: Recovering one Profile Demotions with the New Profile

With an amount of traffic Fiverr has right now, it has crafted a lot of competition and ranking factors for the Sellers to maintain their Gigs and Profile performance. You see your Gig standing top in the search results this minute, and once you’re offline for 10 minutes you notice a gradual demotion in the Gig rankings.

So, thinking of an alternative account for the sake of covering more search results and ultimately recovering the first profile loss with the second one might look an adorable idea. But unfortunately this totally unethical and against Fiverr terms of services.

Reason 2: Changing the niche

Let’s just say, you’re providing logo designing services with one profile, and thinking of selling content writing services by creating another account in order to differentiate your niche. It’s possible that you look it positively and not promoting any kind of malicious activities on Fiverr. But sorry! again it’s not allowed run multiple accounts just for segmenting the niche.

Reason 3: Upselling

Most of the sellers might plan on earning more profit by creating more than account. They might do it by using proxies and changing the IP address of the device on which they are working. Doing this is right until you’re successful in hiding this illegal activity from Fiverr. Once you’ve noticed, it doesn’t take them too long to ban your account, because it’s totally rubbish!

How Multiple Fiverr Accounts Tarnish sellers’ and Fiverr Reputation?

fiverr secrets on multiple fiverr accounts

Obviously, when a person has more than one account from same IP address, it hurts Fiverr both technically and ethically. This leads to management issues which are not compromised either by the brand users or the brand itself. Here are some difficulties Fiverr face with multiple accounts:

1) Payments Errors

When using multiple accounts with the same Paypal, Payoneer or bank accounts, it’s difficult for Fiverr to identify which payment method was associated with the particular Fiverr account. At the end of the day, it can lead to payment errors.

2) Bad User Experience

A seller for having a bad experience with the buyers banned his/ her account can continue producing this substandard service with the alternate account. This not only harms seller’s reputation but also Fiverr reputation as people might assume that this platform doesn’t offer quality stuff.

What About Two Family Members Living on Same Resources?

using fiverr on same ip address

After reading above Fiverr secrets on multiple accounts with same IP address, you might be thinking, What for the two members of the same family living their lives under the same roof want to work for Fiverr? He can be your younger brother or sister etc. hoping to start freelancing on Fiverr. Well, luckily it’s allowed and ethical! Fiverr doesn’t have many concerns about this scenario. They also understand the similarities in the resources of a family. The can work on the same IP address or even the same computer, provided they obey the following rules on managing multiple Fiverr accounts:

  • They must use different Email addresses when signing up to Fiverr.
  • They don’t buy or sell to each other.
  • Their niche must differ from each other.
  • They don’t use the same Paypal, Payoneer, or bank accounts for funds transfers.

Keep considering these key factors more than one family members can use the same IP address to use Fiverr.

Happy Selling!


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