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How to magnify your Gigs using Fiverr search tags?

Fiverr search tags are important ways that can enhance your Gig overall exposure. That’s why it recommended making a comprehensive research on what your Gig is about and how can your active buyers can search the services near to yours? In this tutorial, we’re going to give some interesting tips regarding search tags on Fiverr which will help you magnify your Gig performance.

What are Search Tags on Fiverr?

Search tags are like keywords a buyer use while looking for his desired services. While your Gig title can comprehensively convey the buyer that what you’re offering, you need some extra opportunities to define your specialties, contrarily. For example, you’re providing article writing services on Fiverr with an expertise in sports niche. You might write the Gig title, “I will write a sports article”. But, in this way you can lose all those buyers looking for the articles on other niches.

Obviously, you can’t write the title as, “I will write an article and the sports article”, as it’s too long and complex too. So, what should you do to cover both the areas? The answer is in Fiverr search tags!

Best Search Tags for Fiverr

So, where the title gives a chance of giving the general idea of your services, the tags help you go one step further. As in the above example, you were required to cover the whole article niches with the sports as your special one. In that case, you could write your title as, “I will an article for you”, and used “sports articles” in the search tags. But how we can find best tags for our Gigs?

fiverr search tags

The sellers can find the best tags for the gigs using the Fiverr search engine. As you can see in the above picture when we ask for article services on Fiverr, the auto-complete suggests some related keywords that the buyers are frequently searching, these are the best examples of tags on Fiverr. You can use these terms in the search tags in order to grab more buyers.

How to Use Fiverr Tags Effectively?

fiverr search tags

Your main puzzle is to maximize your business irrespective of the marketplace. Adding more search tags means you will expose your business to most of the buyers. But at the same time, the competition in your field is also at peaks so must choose those tags which could narrow the competition.

As we know, Fiverr allows a maximum of five tags to use in your Gig. In order to beat your competitors, you should need to use four tags that the buyers search frequently. Now, the matter remains unsolved for the 5th tag, in this case, you should try a unique keyword to make you unique out of the lot. No doubt, this tag will find lesser exposures but give you a heavy sale when searched.

Profit or loss is a part of the business: try different combinations until you find the best working for you.

Fiverr Search Tags: Do’s & Don’ts

There are some rules applied to Fiverr tags to ensure your security:

  • The seller can use up to 5 tags in each Gig.
  • Duplicated terms and the special characters are not allowed.
  • Use of upper case letters, lower case letters, and the plural terms are allowed.
  • Read the Fiverr TOS carefully.

Important Note: Using tags doesn’t mean your Gig will appear on the top of the search results. Fiverr uses some complex algorithmic rules to decide your Gig rankings.

It’s up to you now, research your niche and find some working tags for your Gigs.

Happy Selling!


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