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Doing Fiverr Review Exchange is Ethical or Unethical?

Why Sellers Need to Buy Fiverr Reviews?

Earning the First order and the positive review is nothing but a milestone for New Sellers. It gives you enthusiasm and motivates towards your freelancing career. Where the first review or order is welcoming, it can take a bit of time too. And this unbearable wait is so frustrating for the newbies that they might opt to give up or try some unethical ways to get started. But, is Fiverr review exchange ethical? Should you do this? How Fiverr comes to know that you buy Fiverr reviews? What makes freelancers purchase paid reviews? and how can they leave you in a loss? These are the questions we’re going to answer in this Fiverr Tutorial.

What is Fiverr Review Exchange?

In its simplest form Fiverr review exchange is a way which connects to Fiverr sellers to buy each other’s Gigs for the ultimate Goal of leaving a positive review. One seller buys the Gig of New Seller (who is in serge of making a reputation) and leave him a positive review. In return, that seller does exactly the same favor for him.

4 Review Exchange Sources

These two review exchanging parties can interact with each other through many sources. Actually, they pre-plan each and everything before they come to Fiverr for the sake of allowing fake reviews to each other. These two sellers can intersect through:

  • Websites or Personal Blogs
  • Facebook Groups
  • Fiverr Forum
  • They can be near and dears (i.e. brother, relative or friends etc.)

Why Do Freelancers need to Buy Fiverr Reviews?

Freelancers especially the New Sellers need to buy Fiverr Reviews because of a couple of reasons. First of all the all accepted competition going on Fiverr. A lot of freelancers have settled their spots on Fiverr with a number of coming day by day. This creates a lot of problems for New Sellers to snatch orders from the Top Sellers. Finally, they start thinking of narrow escapes.

Secondly, most of the newbies create an account and start hoping for the projects to come after creating Gigs without no research. They don’t focus on managing their profiles, don’t create optimized Gigs and don’t even know how they can go up the rankings. They must realize that there are numbers of hurdles they have to cross in order to earn a project. When they are not been able to fix these issues, then nothing can help them but these quick-fixes.

Is Review Exchange allowed?

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The main reason which eradicates the debate of buying Fiverr reviews or not? is that it’s totally against the Fiverr Terms of Use and Services. Fiverr can’t bear any misleadings which tarnish its safe use. Fiverr narrates clearly in it’s TOS:

“To rescue any misuse of the feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from the genuine sales executed exclusively on Fiverr platform. Purchases arranged, trying to enhance Seller’s productivity artificially, are to abuse the platform with purchases from multiple accounts, will result in the closing of all related accounts.”

That’s the most authentic argument you should not use this unethical way of upselling your Gigs.

How Fiverr Comes to Know?

You might be wondering how Fiverr comes to know about this activity? For your kind information Fiverr has a dedicated team which does nothing but monitor these sorts of malicious activities. They keep auditing your profiles and accounts, and if they find something against their terms of use, your account is banned without even a warning. A thief during his operation always leaves a footprint. Fiverr comes to know of those flaws by:

  • Tracing One Account: They need one account violating the review system and can trace all associated accounts who availed the services from that account. This results in a ban of all of those accounts.
  • Multiple Accounts: Also when someone uses multiple accounts with the same IP address, Fiverr can trace it also and you’ve no longer exist on this platform.
  • Same Review Comments: That’s the biggest clue on the fake reviews. It’s hardly possible that you complete a number of orders with same 5/5 ratings. There are many chances that your helpers leave the same kind of review comments which are enough for Fiverr to diagnose your stupidity.

So, don’t make a mistake of losing all the efforts made in upgrading to Level 1 and Level 2 and even the Top level, just because of this short-cut.

What’s Your Role?

As a responsible seller, our duty is to uproot any activity which can harm the integrity of Fiverr review system. This system is built to ensure the buyers that the services offered on this platform are authentic. If the sellers start buying reviews to upgrade their sellings, this can mislead the potential buyers to buy cheap services with the wastage of time and money both. Make sure, it’s not done through you.

Report to Fiverr!

Sometimes, buyers will contact you asking for Fiverr review exchange. Your job is not to ignore those actions but help Fiverr eliminate those users by reporting those messages to the Fiverr team.

Be Happy on Less!

Starting your Fiverr career off on the right way is the first step towards integrity, pride, and honesty. This ensures the right usage of the platform. But misleading buyers towards fake reviews isn’t ethical as a seller and also as a human being. So, our advice to you guys is to stay determined and be happy on less! you will definitely get 5 stars ratings one day.!

“What Should I do to earn first ratings?”

The agenda remains unsolved of getting the first review ethically. It’s understood that the Fiverr review exchange is unethical and one can’t be successful utilizing this hack. But what’s the right way then? What should you do to get first positive review quickly? We share some tips here:

  • Make sure your Public Profile is complete and attractive. Your profile should be managed in such an outstanding way that the buyer can’t negotiate it.
  • Your Gigs should be perfectly optimized. When you get more exposures in the search results, it maximizes the chances of getting orders.
  • Keep an eye on the Buyers Request. This is the leading secret of getting orders quickly!

Happy Selling!


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