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Fiverr presents a meetup with doers | Lisa Baarns, Don Baarns & Tina Pallegrino

SAVE YOUR DATE: 21st June for the upcoming Fiverr meetup

You might have wondered how the entrepreneurs on Fiverr got success? How did they start taking orders? What made them wake up early in the morning? Now, You have a chance to get answers live from the freelancers who passed through this tough journey and enjoying a brilliant success over-times.

About this Meetup

This upcoming Fiverr meetup will be held on June 21, 2018, at 07:00 PM in Glendale. Lisa Baarns who is a voice-over artist and the Fiverr seller will share her successful journey. Don Baarns who is also a voice-over artist will be sharing his views on how he got success? Tina Pellegrino, who is the founder of Tina Pellegrino Printers, will give the attendees a glimpse of how she turned her dreams into reality in the most awaited Fiverr meetup on Thursday evening.

About Lisa Baarns

Lisa Braans is the Level Two Seller on Fiverr providing voice-over services on Fiverr. She started his freelancing career back in 2016. Now she stands with more than 1000 reviews on Fiverr.

About Don Baarns

He is another voice-over artist on Fiverr. He also joined Fiverr in 206 completing 67 orders till now.

About Tina Pellegrino

She is the founder and CEO of Tina Pellegrino Printers. She along with other two speakers will entertain the attendees with their freelancing experiences.

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