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10 Things to Avoid in your Fiverr Gig Photos

Fiverr Gig images: Do's and Don'ts

Your Fiverr Gig photos are the point which decides whether or not a buyer should visit your Gig. If you add dull and unattractive photos this will make an ugly impression to your potential buyers as they might suggest that you provide cheap services like the Gig image. So, In this Fiverr Tutorial, we are going to share some do’s and don’ts in to take care of in your Gig photos

10 Limitations imposed on Fiverr Gig Photos

Fiverr applies certain limitations while you use images in your Gigs. Not following these instructions not only put your Gig at risk but also your Fiverr account. Let’s have look at those limitations:

1) Avoid Pixelated Images

fiverr gig image quality

Don’t use a low-quality image in your Gigs. Doing this not only affects your Gig rankings in the search results but also the buyers might think that you provide substandard services. Always use high-resolution images as your Gig photos.

2) Avoid Copyrighted Images

Use images of your own. Don’t use images that are the property of your own. It’s unethical and against the Fiverr TOS and there is a chance of being prosecuted.

3) Avoid Click-forcing Images

avoid clickbait images in fiverr gig photos

Don’t persuade the buyers to click your Gig in any case. Using clickbait in the Gig photos for the sake of getting clicks can frustrate the Fiverr team, resulting in the Gig demotion.

4) Avoid Badges

If you’ve won some handsome badges from Fiverr on providing quality stuff then it’s well-appreciated. But even though you’re not allowed to use the watermarks of those badges in the Gig photos.

5) Avoid Over-text

Keep things simple and use comprehensive text to show primary in your Fiverr Gig photos. When you use images having too much text, it devalues your Gig integrity. Make sure you use enough text to be legible.

6) Avoid too many images

Don’t use too many images in the Gig photo. It’s recommended that you use a maximum of one or two images to showcase your logo etc.

7) Avoid Stretched Images

Always use images of the right proportion. Don’t use too large and too small images. The recommended Gig image size is 690 x 426px.

8) Don’t Reuse Images

If you’ve multiple Gigs then you must take care of not using the same images in more than one Gig. Use unique images in each Gig as it creates easiness for the buyers to find the right Gigs.

9) Show your Real Face

fiverr gig image relevency

If you think of using your personal photo to Fiverr Gig. Make sure you use it in a representative way. Preferably use from a front-face to communicate properly.

10) Avoid Irrelevant Images

Your Gig image must make sense with the service. Irrelevant images affect your Gig integrity and miss the chances of getting editorial features.

Happy Selling!


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