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Fiverr Events: Fiverr to meet its community members on 4th June


Fiverr events are held often to keep its community members engaged, and to sort out their problems at once. For Fiverr their community is very special. They take care of the efforts that freelancers make in making their career successful. What makes them wake up early in the morning? They want to know what keeps its doers inspired and motivated? What makes them burn the midnight oil? To answer all these questions Fiverr is arranging a tour to the streets and the roads in their #DoersAcrossTheGlobe tour. They will be traveling to key cities in Toronto to meet their Fiverr community members, listen to their problems, appreciate the entrepreneurs and have a huge celebration on the way!

On the 4th June eve at 6:00 PM, they are having a meetup at WeWork 240 Richmond Street West, 1st floor in Toronto. In this meetup, they will be talking about building up business, brainstorming new strategies to make your dreams come true, and also the mingle.

The Art of Pitch

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On this occasion, the attendees will also be able to hear Prashant Matta, who is serving OMERS Ventures for evaluating, executing and investment opportunities. He will be sharing his views on how to market yourself in order to become an entrepreneur. So called the Art of Pitch!

Prashant Matta is a Venture Capitalist at OMERS Ventures, one of the largest Candian Venture Capital Funds. Matta invests across technology and the media company and also the strategic consultant at OMERS Ventures’ Portfolio Companies. He also holds a Chartered Accountant designation.

So, join Fiverr in this social initiative to support, appreciate, and helping out the Fiver doers and your community entrepreneurs.

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